What tech do you need to set up a good office?

Having the right tech setup for your office can be crucial, whether it’s your business’ first home or an exciting upgrade. With the right tools, you could boost and maintain productivity, encourage collaboration and flexible working, and keep your devices and data secure.

Without them, you risk major inefficiency, staff dissatisfaction and cyberattacks. Half of UK businesses report experiencing some form of cyber security breach in the last 12 months.

Thankfully the fundamentals of a good office setup are usually consistent no matter the size or type of business or space. You can upscale them as you grow, tailoring the finer details to your team’s needs along the way. Here are four key technological considerations for your new business headquarters.

Reliable internet

A reliable high-speed internet connection can’t be just a nice-to-have. The shift towards cloud-based services and online collaboration for hybrid workers show the importance of having a fast, dependable service.

This is particularly true as more devices connect to your network, and if you rely on data-intensive processes like video calls and file transfers. Invest in high bandwidth to keep your business working at speed.

Multiple monitors

Having the right display technology can significantly boost productivity. With increased awareness of the physical risks of desk-based work, opt for high-quality monitors that reduce eye strain and enhance clarity.

Technologies like 4K resolution offer best-in-class colour accuracy, making them ideal for professionals such as graphic designers and data analysts. Fitting at least two monitors at each desk will help your team to get more done, too.

Compatible charging and peripheral devices

You’ll want to invest in good-quality chargers and peripherals to help maintain a clutter-free, efficient workspace.

For example, you can use thunderbolt cables to charge multiple devices quickly, as well as connecting them to other devices such as monitors and keyboards. They’re particularly handy for high-speed data transfer too.

Consider that your team may want to carry these extras with them if working from alternate locations, such as at home, in cafes or on the train.

Sound conference and presenting technology

Every business needs a meeting space, and high-quality audio-visual equipment is essential for smooth presenting and conferencing. You need to invest in good quality webcams, microphones and speakers to ensure clear communication. The last thing you want is for technological interruptions to kill the mood.

If you host regular client pitches or training workshops, presentation tools like digital whiteboards can enhance interactive sessions. Soundproofing technology may also be beneficial depending on your office’s layout and busyness.

In summary, setting up an effective office can’t just be about fun breakout spaces and branding. Technology is the foundation of a functional space, enabling your team to perform at their best and ensuring your guests enjoy their visit.

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